Secure communication for you and your business

Best of its kind encryption technology that will protect you and your business


Texts and personal data are protected using the newest Q-Safe technologies. We use durable combinations of encryption algorithms from different mathematical families. Upon the solving of one of the algorithms, your data will remain protected .



Instant Data Removal

Erase all data on your phone in less than 3 seconds using a special PIN code.

Message Encryption

Hide your text from prying eyes using one click .

Self-destructing messages

Timer function for message destruction.

Feature set WIPE

Set of functions for instant data clearing

Transport security

Ability to select a transport protocol for data transmission

Guaranteed Anonymity

Our service prevents the possibility of tracking the phone and SIM card


LAs a basis for its development, Q-Safe Phone uses the Android OS, from which all features that contradicted the company's security policies were removed.

  • Device identifier change
  • Secure back up storage
  • Deferred data destruction
  • Emergency data clearing
  • Improved interfact
  • Unique account
  • Secure applications
  • Traffic care

Modern UX design

The OS and application design was developed taking into consideration user experience, which allowed us to deliver the perfect combination of aesthetic appearance, comfort and functionality. Our system is easy to navigate. The user will not need to spend a lot of time figuring out how to operate one function or another, and enjoy the most imporant thing: stable and secure connection.



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